Letter on Trinity Church Operations During Covid 19 Virus Isolation

March 16, 2020


Dear Trinity Parish,

Things sure are different than a week ago when we were happy to be finally having some spring days to enjoy and we were just going about our business as usual. Who would have known that a week later most of us would be hunkered down in our homes with several weeks of food, caring for ourselves and others by keeping extreme distances from one another? 

I want to remind you, as I will throughout this time, that though we are physically separated, we are connected by the Spirit of God and by the Spirit of Christian Fellowship.

This is where we are as a community of faith at the moment:


--For those who have computers, please look for emails, Facebook posts and videos, and updates to Trinity’s webpage for worship 

   opportunities and continuing information; for those who don’t, we will try to get hard copy mailings to you.


Worship and Prayer

-- Morning Prayer, Sundays at 9:30 AM -- At the moment, I am planning to stream Morning Prayer each Sunday at 9:30 AM over

   Facebook Live. I am working on how we can get this to a wider audience for those who may be on the computer but not on Facebook.

--Additional opportunities for gathering over the internet for Prayer and Worship are being considered. Keep a look out.

--No physical common worship will be taking place at Trinity.


Pastoral Care and Fellowship

--Expect to receive a call now and then from another parishioner checking up on how you are doing. We want to keep connected and

   make sure everyone’s needs are meet to the best of our ability.

-- I am available for pastoral care by phone or by video via Skype; my cell phone is 513-869-8694.

--If you are under sixty and have no underlying health problems and would be available to run errands for others who cannot go out,         please contact me.

The Office and Administration

--I will be in the office from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, to answer phones and direct anyone who comes to the 


--Lisa Gooding, our Administrator, will be working from home most days, helping me with our online and mailed newsletters, and

   upgrading and updating our webpage. She will come in perhaps once a week in off-hours to help with the bookkeeping.

--Tom Woods, our Treasurer, will be in the office once a week to deposit the offerings we receive through the mail and to pay bills. 

--As you are able please mail in your regular offering or set up recurring automatic bank payments so that we can continue meeting our     financial obligations, especially our payroll obligations.


Building Use and Care

--There will be no gatherings of any kind in Trinity buildings. This includes 12 Step Meetings.

--The Master’s Closet will not be open and we will not be accepting donations.

--Pam Bates, our Sexton, will be using this time to clean and spruce up the interior of the building and work on cleaning projects we

   have been putting off.



Mother Suzanne


513-896-6755 (O)

513-869-8694 (C)

614-600-0110 (H)




Fax: 513-896-9308



:Office Hours

During closure due to the Covid 19 virus,

staff will work mostly from home and check messages.

When the church re-opens, the usual hours are 

Mon.-Thurs., 9:30 am to 1:00 pm

Rector and Priest:

The Rev. Suzanne LeVesconte



The Rev. Dcn. Jackie Williams


Organist & Hymn Singing Leader:

           Ben Griffin

Children & Youth Formation Director:

Allison Sinning



Parish Administrator:

Lisa Gooding


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